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We are Team Validus a growing and expansive community. Currently, we are looking to finish building a competitive team. We currently are looking to add players that wish to grow and expand with the community and team. We are building to play GO4 and community cup tournaments and have grown strats on several maps. With a growing team and with new leadership, we are looking at being a well know team and a great competitor.

Looking for

We are looking for competitive players. Individuals that wish to put in hours of practice time, learn new starts and meta as its launched. Understand the playstyle of his/her teammates while trying to connect and grow together. We would prefer players that are accomplished in the game (Plat 2 or higher), any prior Tournament interactions is a bonus. We plan to entere ELS, and GO4 Tournament in the month after growing the team and synergy within the organization. As well we have entered leagues to use as practice and scrim partners.

We will also be looking for coaching and staff to help facilitate the team and all that will come along with it.


If you have any questions or interest in joining the team or community please feel free to contact me on Siegrs.gg or through our Discord community Validus https://discord.gg/GuuqXTx . You can also reach me personally on Discord at X-LuckyCharms-X#4797. We will respond as quickly as possible.


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